Corporate Social Responsibility

In Renkho believe that the commitment to society and the environment has to be one of the pillars that sustain any economic activity. In response to this concern, we have developed two lines of action that add value to all the activities we do:


Since architectural envelopes have a great impact on the energy consumption of buildings, and that they account for over 40% of the global energy consumption, we believe we have the ability to make a great contribution in this field guiding our clients in every project, encouraging them to increasingly efficient use of energy in their building. Each project is an opportunity for us to implement efficient solutions, which also contribute directly during their entire life cycle to reduce consumption and / or power generation, or the reduction of CO2 by envelopes with plant cover .

As an added factor, although of far less impact, but always interesting, we foster responsible and ethical use of all company resources, both internally and to the rest of our environment: suppliers, customers, etc., and to avoid wastage and encourage efficient use, besides being always healthy in economic terms, is a small contribution to the care of the limited natural resources. Energy, paper, toner, electronic materials, etc., any resources where we can reduce our consumption is a gesture in favor of our planet.

Social Development

The fact of not having our own production facilities, but a great experience in managing them, we can provide great value in countries where it has not reached the level of technical and organizational development that we enjoy in Europe. Again we consider this possible limitation as a great opportunity to put our talents to the service of the sustainability and social balance. Our work is to guide, advise and mentor the production centers and local installation companies with which we operate, to improve their processes so that they reach levels of quality, productivity and efficiency, comparable to those we are used to in Europe. This approach has a direct impact on local employment generation and increasing qualification thereof, critical to reducing imbalances, marginalization and frustration of the local population.

As a company of the xxi century we will evolve gradually these 2 lines of action incorporating others, resulting in more ethic ways to perform our labour every time.