The “idea” does not end with its execution and use. It must last over time and not lose any of the characteristics made it different from the rest.

It is necessary preventive and corrective maintenance, if it is requested, to ensure the conservation of the aesthetic properties, structural, water tightness, wind permeability and heat transfer of the building.

  • Study of pathologies and incidents of the building
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the facades
  • Expert reports
Study of pathologies and incidents of the building
  • Leaks and damp through the shell.
  • Thermal Losses.
  • Air leaks.
  • Deterioration of finishes and corrosion protection systems for structural elements.
  • Relaxation due to vibrations and the passage of time in the anchorage systems and fixation of the envelope ́s elements.

Report about corrective actions to be performed for each of the found pathologies

Maintenance and cleaning of the facades
  • Aids and specific machinery for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Specific products for cleaning each of the envelope ́s elements: joints, plastics, glass, enamel items, stones, ceramics, wood, composite materials, solar panels.

Monitoring and control of the cleaning and maintenance of the facades ensuring its proper implementation.

Expert reports

Advice made to insurers, property and lessees on the causes of the effect produced by the envelope of a building, either by poor design or an incorrect installation, by poor maintenance of the envelope elements or wear due to over the time.