Preliminary draft

From your IDEA to a feasible PROJECT

The “idea” has been defined, the basis of the project has been formed, but there is still a great work to do. There are many fringes that must be polished to complete on a project that preserves the essence of the “idea” but at the same time will be feasible.

The preliminary draft requires further development and customization of solutions as the “idea” has had time to mature and evolve according to its constraints.

It is necessary to draft a blueprint in which you can tender for the facades package or the whole building, to achieve this will have to develop the specific details of each solution, the description of its materials and finishes, and mechanical properties, thermal, acoustic, fire resistance and external weather agents thereof.

Constructive solutions

 Calculation of solutions


 Measurements, Report and Specifications

 Technical Advise

Constructive solutions

Comprehensive development of type and specific construction details, focusing on particular points of each envelope, starts and tops of facades, anchors, expansion joints, encounters between different facades, corners, waterproofing…

Calculation of solutions

Calculation using finite element software of the stresses and strains generated in the supporting elements of the facade, due to static and dynamic loads to which the envelope is subjected.

Likewise the filling elements will be calculated, indicating the thickness of the glazing, geometry and thickness of anchors, corbels for double skins, closure panels, sheet metal, composite materials, phenolic, stones, specifying the adequate dimensions of wide by high in function of the loads to which they are subjected and the fixing system to the supporting structure.


Comfort refers to welfare. The feeling of comfort is one in which the atmosphere is indifferent to human activity. In any existing building, its evaluation is not understood without considering the comfort it provides to its users. This comfort depends largely on the capacity of the façade to act as selective filter between the external environment and indoor environment relationship.

To ensure the interior comfort the following studies will be conducted:

Measurents, report and specifications

Development and creation of the report with the technical description of each of the items, defining the elements that compose it and the minimum properties which must be according with.

At the same time there will be a study of the existing graphical documentation to carry out the measurements of the items comprising the building envelope.

Development and creation of the minimum Specifications that all the facades and each of its elements must be according with, to match what the standard requires as minimum and to the considerations have been taken into account when designing the building.

Technical advise

The ways to run a facade or envelope are very different, and even though all are acceptable, some are better suited than others to the characteristics of the building and the specific design of the envelope.

Based on these parameters, we will make an advise on: