From a PROJECT to a successful REALITY

The “idea” has been developed and defined all its peculiarities and specific details before its implementation. The important thing is that during the execution not miss the spirit of the “idea” and respected the project developed, so the end result meets the specifications and desired qualities.

It is necessary to monitor and control the processes of designing specific solutions such as encounters between different facades, waterproofing and evacuations of water and drainage, building expansion joint systems, fire protection…

In the manufacturing, it is necessary to audit what is reflected in planes running on the workshop, controlling dimensional tolerances, vents and drains, sealed glass glued…

The prototype testing of the facade is paramount. This should be a true reflection of the entire envelope and the solution shown in planes and subsequently installed on site, should meet the minimum requirements required by the standard and that the property described in the tender documents.

The same workshop audit work should be performed in the site installation. So make sure that the fixings and welds do not show deficiencies in respect to what has been already calculated, that mounting tolerances allow dilate bodies, that evacuation systems are installed according to the projections, that the waterproof do not show installation deficiencies, etc.

Who better than an Engineering – Consulting – Project Manager to take full responsibility for the proper execution of a coating? Renkho brings significant value to the market of envelopes, which is to put all his knowledge and experience at the service of control, monitoring and implementation. Renkho is not a facade company, but it can take full control of facade work, taking responsibility to Property, Architect and Builder for the implementation of the envelope of its site. Renkho does not have its own production facilities, but selects the best local companies to implement manufacturing processes and assembly solutions.

Project Manager

Comprehensive management of facade projects. Renkho service aimed at the management, control and supervision of the facade work execution from the delivery time of the execution project to the delivery and reception of the facade ́s works.

  • Comparative analysis of offers: Contact with facade companies managing their deals, filtering them technically and developing comparatives to the award of contract on the part of the Property.
  • Planning: Development of execution program of the envelope ́s works adapting them to the global works of the construction of the building.
  • Prototype: Design of dimensions and specifications of the Mock-Up to be performed by the contractor of the facade execution to check the viability and proper functioning of the planned system. Approval of design drawings, monitoring of the manufacturing and assembly at the laboratory, analyzing the results and subsequently inspection of the tested Prototype.
  • Logistic management: Sizing of storage areas on the site, free surfaces for the entrance of facade materials to the floor slabs and courtyards, planning of the use of cranes and construction aids.
  • Mounting: Monitoring and mounting control of facade elements and aids.
  • Control of Quality, Safety and Environmental Health of the facade works and adapting them to the global plans of the construction of the building.
  • Coordination: Management meetings of control between Facade Company, Contractor and Architect.
  • Site supervision: Development of tracking work reports until its completion.

Renkho service for the control and approval of the technical part of the project. The design will be examined specifying the solutions to develop and to inspect the quality in manufacturing and assembly..

  • Constructive Solutions: Development of drawing list and detailed solutions to be provided by the contractor for the facade execution. Monitoring and approval of the presented solutions.
  • Supporting Calculations: Development of calculations list to file by the contractor, who has the facade execution award. Monitoring and approval in accordance with current standards of the presented reports.
  • Manufacturing: Audits of the production process performed by the contractor, who has the facade execution award, ensuring that all designed in the plans is being done correctly.
  • Mounting: Audits of the mounting process performed by the contractor, who has the facade execution award, ensuring that all designed in the plans is being done correctly.
  • Completion of work: Presentation of the facade end work report to ensure the successful execution of production processes and assembly and report any incidents detected and the proposed solutions.

Renkho is a company that provides Engineering, Consulting and Project Manager. In order to go further in providing services to Properties, Architects and Builders, Renkho enables that a facade engineering assume overall responsibility for the execution of the work, with the added value that these jobs are audited and monitored in all times by a specialized consultancy.

  • Subcontracting: Study and analysis of local companies with productive capacity to implement a project with solvency.
  • Technical-economic study of projects: Development of economic and technical offers for the award contract of projects.
  • Award contract: Contract signing assuming responsibility for the work to be executed.
  • Planning: Development, monitoring and compliance of detailed planning of the process of the works to be performed.
  • Technical-Engineering Office: Development of design drawings of constructive solutions, supporting calculations of these solutions and drawings and manufacturing files.
  • Manufacturing: Control of the executed processes by the subcontractor of the production, performing audits and quality controls to ensure the proper execution of the implementation plans developed by Renkho.
  • Stakeout: Marking in the site of starting dimensions for the installation of the facade elements.
  • Mounting: Control of the subcontractors for mounting operations of different facades. Tracking product traceability, transport and storage logistics, division of site tasks, planning of works and study and assembly of aids and lifting platforms.
  • Delivery of facade: Delivery report of works in conjunction with quality report of items installed in the envelope.